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Markus Schirp

Professional Profile


I’m a software consultant and investor with over a decade of experience in various roles including Lead developer, Project owner, Subsystem maintainer and Solutions architect.

I’ve been working with collocated and remote teams world wide.

Clients include organizations from Finance, Telecomunications, Media Publishing and Retail.

These days I almost exclusively work remotely. With occasional team building and organizing training events.

I like to support development efforts in all lifecycles, greenfield, legacy and rescue operations. My speciality is to rescue overgrown Rails applications via incremental refactoring / strangling.

My interests in alphabetic order include:

In the past I’ve been very active in the Ruby community, as the author and maintainer of the Mutation Testing engine mutant and various support gems.

Also I’m a DataMapper core team alumni, and also member of the DataMapper2 of the RoM (Ruby Object Mapper).

As a presenter I give talks on international Ruby conferences, advancing the communities knowledge on mutation testing and how to mitigate dynamic language semantics.

Recently I begun to phase out Ruby for languages where I can archieve a higher level of guarantees.

My future vision is to advance the tool chain to bring mutation testing semantics (semantic coverage) to more ecosystems, to bring down the cost of writing correct efficient software.